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ONT box power adapter

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I am joining Vodafone Full Fiber Broadband. The fiber in my area is managed by Openreach. I have the ONT box installed but without the power adapter. Does anyone know how to order a power adapter for the ONT box please?


Thanks in advance,

Niloy Mukhopadhyay


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

You'll probably need to explain this to Vodafone.  Even if we knew which company fitted the line there is more than one ONT and so potentially more than one power supply variant!

*I assume a previous resident removed the power adapter?

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have the same issue and from a quick google search there must be thousands more out there. My connection is being activated next week and coming from Virgin this is the first time I will be getting to use Openreach's infrastructure. Upon checking, I realised the psu is missing. I called Vodafone customer service and discussed the matter with them - apparently the work-flow around this is super inefficient at the moment, which is surprising for a problem that seems to be rather common. Once the service is activated, i.e. after midnight on the activation date, I will have to ring Vodafone again to say that the service is not working (arguably!), they can then - and only then - open a ticket with Openreach, who will then send an engineer to install a new psu!? I was reassured this will only be a couple of days, which is fine as I had allowed for an overlap between the old and the new services. But why on earth can't they just put a new psu in a padded envelope and send it out 2nd class before then is what I am struggling to understand. They reassured me it won't cost me a penny, though, which is good.

Are you able to share your experience as to how this was sorted in the end, how long it took you etc?

Thanks, Michael

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@MichaelZ wrote:

I have the same issue and from a quick google search there must be thousands more out there.

Really. I can understand the occasional PSU being taken by a departing resident by mistake, but thousands, I doubt it.

Although having said that, we did have a post on here where they had unscrewed the ONT from the wall and taken that as well.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Somewhere in the bumf that came with the BT install there's a pleading not to take the ONT or it's power supply with you should you move.

Personally though I'd probably take a photo of the ONT and post it here.  We'll probably be able to identify it, and if you feel like it getting one online is only a couple of quid!

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16: Advanced member

Openreach took a proper slating last night on the BBC, just for all the mistakes it makes, and the lack of communication. As the beeb put it, they're neither open nor reachable.