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Broadband connection

Playstation not connecting with ethernet cable

2: Seeker

I have just changed from sky to vodafone. With sky i was using my ethernet cable to connect my ps4 to my router. I wanted to do the same with vodafone however, i have managed to connect my ps4 to vodafone wifi but, when i try the lan/ethernet option to connect it always fails. It tells me it didnt have time to find the correct ip address when i set all this to easy and automatic so i have not changed any settings. I have tried turning off both my ps4 and the router but it is still showing the same message. How can i conect it using my ethernet cable? 

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Hey @Dawnie1990. I've taken a look at my own Playstation and re-set up the connection between the two using an Ethernet cable in the LAN slot on my PS4 and a LAN slot on the router. When I select "Easy" mine connects the two and then I see "Internet settings updated". 

  • Where in the journey are you seeing the error message?
  • Have you tried another Ethernet cable?
  • Have you tried an alternative LAN slot on the router?

Let us know how you get on 

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