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Problems seemingly impossible to fix with wifi

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hi - so I had Vodafone CityFibre for a couple of years and had all kinds of problems when it came to renegotiating my contract and changing to the Pro II 500 package with UltraHub. Since then nothing but issues. 

my wifi regularly (multiple times a day) drops out with no notice. Devices plugged in via Ethernet aren’t affected. 
I must have contacted support about a dozen times - done several hard resets, firmware upgrades, even tried replacing extension chord. No difference. 
Then they sent me a new router. Same issues. Called up and the guy changed my “acs” settings or something like that. Worked fine for a day or two and has defaulted back to doing same thing again. 

at my wits end and I work from home so this is just unbearably annoying. Anyone got any ideas beyond the obvious? Is this a known issue?!


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Just to help diagnostics, how does your original vodafone router perform on your service? What about a third party router? 

Don’t know about third party router - I don’t have one. But previous Vodafone router didn’t have these issues 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

ACS usually stands for Automatic Configuration Server, it's where Vodafone keeps router settings that they don't trust customers to have access to!  In some cases, it can make a pretty big difference, in other cases, not a scintilla!  The odds are - though it's not impossible - that if the issue persists and the router has been changed (even differing models) then it's not the router but some other device.
Out of curiosity, is the issue happening on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, or on just the one?  If it's happening on just one band are there any old WiFi (on 2.4GHz even Bluetooth) devices you could try turning off to see if that alleviates things?

I’ve just called them again and they are now telling me it’s my Sky Q boxes that’s causing an issue as it’s seemingly broadcasting a wifi signal that’s interfering. 
I’ve gone round all the boxes turning off both 2.4 and 5Ghz wifi signals (they are hard wired to router and boosters) - to see if that helps. 
30th time lucky! 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Sky Q boxes create their own "mesh" network, which doesn't play nicely with a lot of other WiFi equipment from just about every vendor other than Sky!
Something that seems to work for some is:
If you currently have your main Sky box connected via an ethernet cable, switch to using WiFi.  This prevents the main Sky box from creating its own WiFi network forcing it onto the main WiFi and in many cases the issues go away.  This apparently works for some people, but obviously can put substantially more data over the WiFi.  Right now it may be worth while seeing if you get any milage from this (if it's not how your Sky is currently set up)!

Thanks for your advice. Everything seems to be connected ok now I’ve turned wifi off on all three Sky Q boxes. My preferred option is to keep them wired in so will see how this goes and report back if anymore issues!