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Slow Internet after migration to Digital Voice

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Last week Vodafone migrated my line to the new Digital Voice service. I also received the VoIP adapter.
I don't use any phone, so my router is connected to the internet master socket, the phone one is unused.

I've never had a problem with Vodafone over the last 4 years but, after this migration my connection has been slower.
Internet speed is more or less the same (ping as usual) but I can't use Netflix/Prime/Sky streaming services as I did last week. They keep freezing. I've tried to perform the router hard reset, the technical team said I was using an old profile on my router and now it should be ok, but nothing changed.

I am pretty sure something happened from the activation date of this Digital voice service (useless for me) but I don't know what.



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16: Advanced member

@Bhavesh1  Stop spamming this forum. 

Post reported to moderator.


Hi @salvom89 Thanks for raising these concerns, sorry you're facing trouble. We're not aware of any correlation between the switch to VoIP landline and any connection issues. You can raise self serve troubleshooting to attempt to diagnose and raise an issue via our self service testing tools here, or our dedicated Broadband App. If issues persist, we'd advise reaching out to our Broadband Support Teams on 03333040191 or Live Chat here for further help.  

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Same here..... Plugged phone into router this morning using provided adapter 

Now internet is mega slow. Google nest minis wont work, can't even stream BBC radio....  What have they done to the network with this switch.

I've changed nothing other than plugging in phone as directed 


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16: Advanced member

I don't know if it will make any difference, but on a couple of other threads having IPv6 enabled on the local LAN is causing somewhat unexpected problems, so try disabling it. 



Unfortunately it didn't work for me. Still the same issue.

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16: Advanced member

It was just a possibility, thanks for letting us know it didn't work.

It really makes no sense that having digital voice should affect the internet service adversely.

I can only think that as well as enabling it they have put you on an unsuitable gateway. (there quite a few threads about that)

Can they change the gateway from their end?

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16: Advanced member

Assuming it is because you are on an unsuitable gateway (and that is not certain at the moment), Yes they could, but it appears they won't, claiming that the choice of gateway is automatic and based on a load sharing algorithm.

There is much discussion about it on other threads, but no official comment from Vodafone.

If you check the gateway address in your router, we should be able to say which on you are one, and see if it is one that appears to be causing problems for others. You will find the address under Status&Support in the router, 


Unfortunately we wont know what gateway you were on previous to digital voice, so we still wont know if that is the cause. There really is no way at the moment to be sure that it is the swap to digital voice that is the cause of your (and @NeilH74's) current problems.