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Broadband connection

Speed changing after reboot.

4: Newbie
  • Strange one.  I'm paying for Superfast 2, 55mb.   Been slow since September after a power cut (was getting 70mb but dropped to mid 30s).   Last Friday about 3am my router rebooted and suddenly syncing at 80mb and getting 75mb on Speedtest.  Been constantly high since then......until today.  Had a new smart meter fitted and turned off the router as the electricity was being switched off.  Turned it back on and back to 35mb again.


The dsl Status says 


Current rate 36,036

Maximum rate 80,455


The maximum rate has been that high since September, but until last week I was stuck in mid 30s sync speed.

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Hi @NewtonBoy, thanks for flagging this and I'm sorry to see you're not receiving your minimum guaranteed speeds at the moment. So we can investigate what may be causing this for you and run further checks on your line if needed, please can you pop us a message on Facebook or Twitter?

From there we can securely take your details to help. Please also include your Community username along with a link to your post - you then won't need to write your query out again and we can get to the bottom of this for you.

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