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Upgrade scandle

1: Seeker

I am wondering if anyone could clarify where I stand legally with my situation. 
So, I was out of contract with my fibre broadband having had the same plan for over 2 years.  I was invited to "Upgrade" my current plan via email  with lots of picture of the latest router, including wifi extender and 4g plug in, a faster speed of 500mbs all for £2 less than my current 100mbs plan. So I went with the upgrade, on the 14th of March I received an email stating my new plan would be activated the following day, but what about my new super router kit ? In the email was a one liner stating no new kit will be provided as my current router is capable of providing the new service.  Sod that then, so I contact Vodafone to cancel the upgrade and after a lot waiting I am told I can not stop the upgrade as it too close to the activation day but I can cancel and return to my old plan up to 14 days after my new plan starts.  I wait 2 days after the so called activation (that's another story) contact Vodafone again to cancel the upgrade where I am now told that my previous plan is no longer available so we cannot switch you back.... , well put me on an equivalent plan but out of contract, no cant do that my only options are to keep the new plan in contract or cancel all together, so Vodafone have some obligation to keep my service without forcing a new contract on me ????


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I don't know exactly where you stand if you wish to continue with Vodafone, but as you are in the "cooling off" period for the new contract, you can certainly cancel without penalty..

However, if the new plan is less than your previous plan, but with higher speed, why wouldn't you stay on it? (I do realise it means you will have to accept two "in contract" price rises during the contract)

Edit: if you want the New Ultra router you would have to go on to a Pro II contract.