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Vodafone 900mb broadband - anyone used it?

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2: Seeker

Hi all. Moving house shortly and unfortunately where I'm going to in Meanwood they don't have Virgin Media lines. So I'll have to switch my provider.

I was eyeing up the Vodafone 900mb connection. Does anyone have experience with it? Does it ever drop out? Is it a consistent speed? Have you dealt with customer service and if so were they helpful?

Anyone with some insight would be appreciated.


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@pihu02 For clarity, what was it that you also used?

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2: Seeker

Works for me. 

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Standard answer: Vodafone's service is good and reliable, but their customer services and (especially) technical support are so bad they can reduce you to tears. Fortunately, the service works well enough that I've had very few contacts with them in the years I've been with them, but each and every one of them has had me on the verge of rage-cancelling on the phone!

If you're the sort of person that can work things out for yourself, they'll probably be ok. If you tend to like the backup of good technical support then you may want to consider other options. Oh, and the stock router is pretty dreadful too.

as you say Daern Vodaphone customer services & technical support would have to improve to become just useless. unfortunately they have made no effort to improve the speed they deliver they say they beat the minimum of 450MB when I pay for 900MB & take the attitude that I should be over the moon.. all I want is for them to do is supply what I pay for

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

If they're delivering your minimum guaranteed speed or faster then they're satisfying their part of the contract - the contract you agreed to and signed.

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Had mine a couple of weeks back, seems pretty reliable touchwood between 930 and 980Mbs