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Vodafone & City Fibre NIGHTMARE

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Well, where do I start? January 2022 I placed an order for city-fibre to be installed. Order went well, installation date booked. City fibre turn up install everything needed in my property, but it NEVER went live. After months of back and forth, the order was cancelled as city fibre had an issue externally. Now onto this year January 2023, I placed an order with Vodafone for the broadband once again as was informed issues had been resolved. Every order kept getting cancelled by Vodafone,, so the dates for installation kept getting put back. I’m still months later awaiting City Fibre to come and rectify external issues as the installation has been done poorly causing a break in the cable meaning I cannot go live until we rectify this! Complaints through Vodafone & City fibre and no resolution, just a weekly call to say hey I have little of an update for you yet, but we will call you again next week. City fibre are terrible. I’ve had an email of which they state they cannot give a timeframe for connection as it will be more than one engineer needed, what you don’t have 2???? No resolution, No compensation, No reliable broadband and still paying for shoddy intermittent bb with them this is totally unacceptable from both parties! Below is a section of the email in regard to what they say is an update, just shows neither care about time frames it’s just open-ended you’ll be connected whenever.

When reviewing our email chain with CityFibre today, we can see that an investigation has taken place into the concerns we raised to them. CityFibre explained that there are currently two issues preventing them from activating your service. The first issue is that part of the infrastructure is missing, and this is preventing the routing to your property and the second issue is an issue located at the Fibre Exchange. 

CityFibre have now advised that they will be unable to replace the missing fibre infrastructure until the issue at the Fibre Exchange is resolved. As additional work is required, involving more than one CityFibre engineer team, they're currently unable to confirm a timeline for when both issues will be fixed.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to hear City Fibre have been unable to resolve the issue that's been preventing you from taking up our awesome Fibre service @Abster1179. Keep working with our Customer Relations team on this and I'm sure we'll be able to get this fedback to them and try to expedite a resolution for you.