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Broadband connection

Vodafone any good in Victoria?

2: Seeker

I am looking to switch from Dodo really terrible service with constant dropouts and the internet keeps disconnecting, I read a lot of reviews about Vodafone but they were all in other states, I am a heavy gamer so I need a good reliable internet connection with no dropouts, I asked the local's opinion and they all give positive reviews, even some of my cousins have it and they all say i t's good but they all barley understand how internet works and ping and stuff, so I came into this subreddit to ask if it' s any good, I live in a new area (ab 6 years old) and have all the new techs and i live 30 mins away from the city if that will make any difference.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @WojinRina 


The forum here is Vodafone UK.  Dodo is an Australian provider and you are going to need to ask Vodafone Australia this question.

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