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Vodafone cancelling orders from Quidco without reason

2: Seeker

I have an existing connection with Vodafone through their Super fast 2 business broadband which I am very happy with. Therefore I wanted a new connection with Vodafone into my other office. Currently if you place your order through Quidco, you potentially can get £100 extra cash back. Now I know how affiliate marketing works and I understand that this cash back is never guaranteed, however, suspiciously my order keeps getting cancelled for no apparent reason, but Vodafone are happy to submit the order for me! Meaning they wouldn't have to pay the affiliate fees (Cashback). This has happened 3 times to me now. The first time, the order was placed through Quidco, I received confirmation of the order etc. However I then received an email saying the order had been cancelled and re-submitted through the sales team. This ultimately meant that my Quidco payment was not going to track as the online order no longer existed. I accepted this (these things happen). A couple of months later, I tried to place another order online for the second office. Again I received confirmation of my order but then nothing. I chased customer services who confirmed the order hadn't progressed and needed to be cancelled and re-ordered! In my frustration I left it another couple of weeks and then re-submitted another online order. Again, confirmation email then 1 week later, still no further updates so I contacted customer care to be told that the sales team had cancelled my order with no reasoning! Now either Vodafone don't want anymore connections or there is something very suspicious going on with their promises of all these offers but not being able to fulfil the orders.


Has anyone else experienced these issues? I'm seeing the offers as 'dangling a carrot' however then backing out of the deal!


As a loyal customer to Vodafone for 20 years, I feel a little let down.


I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced a similar situation!


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10: Established

First off, I'm obviously sorry that you've had this experience with QuidCo. I doubt very much that this is happening on purpose. Regardless of where the New Connection is placed (QuidCo, Carphone Warehouse, or Vodafone themselves), Vodafone will be receiving the same revenue from the customer.


The fact that you've accepted directly with Vodafone suggests that there's incorrect info somewhere at QuidCo's end which doesn't match the info on your Vodafone Account. I had a similar experience when trying to add an iPad to my account through CPW. It turned out CPW had mis-spelled my name on their systems, so Vodafone couldn't find a Credit File for me at the current address.



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