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Why is customer service useles??

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I took an 18 month broadband contract with Vodafone July 2018. 3 months later after countless calls to Vodafone, 3 OpenReach engineer visits & a booster later, I could not get a working service in my property and I advised I had to leave due to non-working service.

I was charged an early termination fee of £215 which I tried to dispute but to no avail. This amount later defaulted and sold to Lowell July 2019, despite my account being closed with Vodafone Sept 2018.

I paid this debt in full by November 2021, however to this day (5th May 2024) the £215 is still in arreers with Vodafone. Im not happy this amount is still under my name with Vodafone despite being paid nearly 3.5 years ago!

I do not believe I was in the wrong to leave Vodafone, I gave them ample opportunities over 3 months -I work from home so need a working internet connection, I wanted them to implement a service but OpenReach advised the signal just would not reach my house - I never had an issue with any other provider. Why should I be expected to pay for a service I cannot receive?!

As you will be wondering, why has this taken so long.. This is topped off with bringing proof of Lowell's payment confirmation into the nearest Vodafone store 30mins away, dozens of calls to Vodafone this year alone (easy 1hr+ each time), being passed from pillar to post between Vodafone & Lowell because "it is not up to us to contact them, they must contact us", Vodafone cannot help by phone, advised I can send a screenshot via chat to TOBi online, "you need to go instore", go instore and told "you need to phone" yada yada... circling round & round & round, re-explaining my situation to each person, getting cut off calls & needing to phone back, rinse, repeat. Asking for an email is completely absurd, then round & round I go again.


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Also being discussed here but with some differences in the history;


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I have reported to moderator as this is just one sided and we are not aware of truth or proof + a lot of this problem is of their own making so not relevant or helpful to the community. And as @Cynric says there is a lot of discrepancies/versions between threads.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Stumpy21 Well, TBH I didn't say "a lot", just "some"