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Wifi Network Not Appearing Can't Connect

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2: Seeker

Hi there

So yesterday I had an electrical safety inspection in my flat. They turned all the electricity off, with no warning. When they turned the power back on my WiFi wasn't connecting. At this point the WiFi Network was still appearing under the Connections section on my mobile. I was on with Vodafone's chat service and did the usual turn it off and on again thing. Reset the router. Nothing. The Internet light was constantly blinking red. After a very long time with no results, they said someone from the technical team would contact me today. They did and said they tested my broadband and the connection was fine, so they weren't sure why I was having the issues I am. They've left the ticket open for 3 days. Today my WiFi network isn't even appearing as an option to connect to. Hope someone can help, cause this is driving me ever so slightly insane. 


Thanks in advance!


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I think the first thing I would do would be a factory reset of the router by holding the reset button in for at least 10 seconds.

Is the phone the only device you have to connect to the router with?

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3: Seeker

I was having this problem last night and seen it may be related to the Ultra Hub unit. I seen somewhere (could be wrong) Vodafone has started a 6GHz WiFi and this adds an extra 2 channels (12 &13)  which currently cannot be detected by some devices even though the WiFi is working. The way I got round this when I was trying to connect my sons switch was add the WiFi manually, put the SSiD (router name) and the password in, leaving the IP search to automatic and it connected no problem. Hope this helps for a workaround for now until Vodafone get this sorted. I’ve heard they aren’t much help and just tell you to restart and reset the router etc which I figured out was a waste of time.

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16: Advanced member


Channels 12 and 13 are on the 2.4Ghz band and have always been there. Nothing to do with Wi-Fi 6e.

The problem with them is that some devices can't see them because the device isn't working to EU/UK spec.

Still, glad you were able to sort your problem.😀

Ah ok so what is the issue with the router not appearing then? I don’t want to have to manually find the router on every device. This isn’t the first time it hasn’t been appearing?