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Entertainment Packs


Choose your obsession

Enjoy the entertainment you love, on the move – with a fantastic choice of Prime Video, Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium or a Now TV Entertainment Pass, straight to your mobile for the length of your plan.

Do I have Entertainment included in my plan?

If you bought a Red 20GB , Unlimited or Unlimited Max plan with Entertainment after 10 July 2019, or a Red 5GB plan with Entertainment you can choose from one of four entertainment subscriptions – Amazon Prime Video, Spotify Premium, a NOW TV Entertainment Pass, and Sky Sports Mobile TV. You can check if you have an Entertainment pack using your My Vodafone app or My Vodafone account

How do I activate my Inclusive Entertainment?

We’ll send you a text containing a link to a webpage where you can make your entertainment choice. To activate, simply follow the link, choose your entertainment and then follow the instructions to sign up.

If you haven’t received your text, or have deleted it, text Entertainment to 97613 to get the text again. You won’t be charged for sending or receiving these texts.

Please note: if you need to move your existing number over from your previous network, you should do this before activating your entertainment pack.

Whats inluded?

Prime Video

Spotify Premium 

Sky Sports Mobile TV

NOW TV Entertainment Pass

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