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GigaCube - initial checks and template

If you're having issues getting service on your GigaCube, please try the following:  1. Firstly check to see if your signal light is on - if yes, please go to number 2. If not, please switch off your GigaCube and remove your SIM card. Please go to nu...

TJ by Community Manager (Retired)
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No Wifi Calling

Hi All, network admin here.  A whole dept of ours works in a new building in a basement and do not receive any cellular signal.   Their mobile phones all have Wifi calling activated on their tariff as well as the ios addon.  This has been tested to b...

Gigacube stopped working

My gigacube stopped working 3 months ago and had swap sim sent. everything failed. even tested it on phone and sim works fine. so now need to get it repaired. anyone know the costings 

sharonrg by 2: Seeker
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HiDoes anyone know  -Will Voip phones work on an office network with a Gigacube only broadband connection?thanksDale 

Gigacube - external aerial, is it worth it?

We have a Gigacube that sits next to a window downstairs, and we were considering using an external aerial to improve the speed. However, we wondered if there wasn't much to be gained from a decent connection. Currently:1. We get between 75-100mbps o...

No SMS with WiFi calling

I have just Arctivated WiFi calling as my sure signal no linger works. I can make calls ok, but SMS texting doesn’t work. This is on my Huawei and my partners IPhone. I have contacted Vodafone chat and they couldn’t get it to work either!! Any help p...

Cummgr by 2: Seeker
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Gigacube XBOX NAT Fix

Hi all. I know this has been asked and a VodafoneUK moderator has said they will update when a fix has been found. Has a fix been found? if so how! Please explain in an idiots guide. thanks.

Matt1825 by 2: Seeker
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Gigacube external antenna recommendation please.

Morning Communtiy ...The subject pretty much says it all but to add the Gigacube is located in a good 4G signal area it requires an external antenna due to the fact it's in my all steel canal boat. Thanks in advance

Buz by 2: Seeker
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Gigacube and MMOs gaming

Hello, I am considering a Gigacube 5G subscription and I was wondering it provide a fast and reliable connection for MMO games (e.g. WoW, ESO, SWTOR).Is there anyone here who can provide some feedback? I am aware of the fact that some games are not w...

Andf by 2: Seeker
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SMS over wifi with Poco X3 Pro?

Hi allI've just got the news about Vodafone retiring all sure signals. Great. I've recently signed up to a new contract with Vodafone for 2 years!Luckily my phone does support wifi calling, and it seems to work, but although it claims to support SMS ...