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Internet speed

10+ years all fine now 2nd time with vodafone and you're capping download speed

4: Newbie

Tell me about it. SSE all fine but router was a nightmare. So back to Vodafone and now CAPPED at 44Mbps. 10+ years at this address with average of 78, even with vodafone but switched as SSE was cheaper. Now paying more than 200% of SSE charge but a drop in speed of at least 40%. Read that bill is for SUperfast Pro 2 or whatever it is. The 2nd highest tier on Vodafone and my speeds dropped 40% but the charge is more than double the £15 I was paying SSE. I checked with Openreach minimum 59Mbps, asked them to run diagnostics on the automated system, all fine there must be cap but its not been applied by Openreach. Contacted SSE, same story same numbers. Contacted Vodafone, we'll raise a query. Weeks later no change and no message to say how the query went. Contacted today, you're getting the guaranteed minimum of 32 we CAN'T help. State I'm on PRO broadband currently guaranteed for 59 at my address told your contract says 32 CANT HELP. States Openreach will help if there's a problem, told your above contracted minimum CANT help. See below for responses from my old supplier SSE and Openreach who actually own the lines. VODAFONE refuses to make an engineer request as I've tried twice to no avail. Your internet is capped probably because they are over-subscribed in your area and want to make sure they have room for more sales.


Hello Mr Jeffrey,
Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
I have checked and you were on 'Fibre Plus' with us.  This was not capped, only the standard 'Fibre' package would be capped and that would be at 40mbps.
I have also included below the speeds available to your line when using SSE as a supplier with Vodafone as a wholesaler.
As you can see, anywhere between 55 & 74mbps would be classed as acceptable for your line.
I hope this helps and please let me know if you are happy to close off this query after the information provided.

Hi Alan,

I tried to call today but sadly could not get through. I am very sorry to hear that you are not experiencing the speeds you have had in the past but we would not cap your service as we only provide the network the service travels along.
If there are any restrictions on your service this will need to be raised to your provider who will manage this with us on your behalf.

It may be that you need a broadband engineer to attend to check the parameters of your current service but this should be visible to your provider and they would need to arrange any engineer visit.

I am sorry but this is not something we would manage here and we will need to guide you back to your provider to have this investigated as it is their service and you are their customer.

We will work with your provider to get this matter resolved if they feel they need our assistance.

I do hope this is all resolved soon

David Checkland 

Customer Resolutions Team

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4: Newbie

The online chat guy said go here to get your contract as I've never had it sent to my email. Just checked the broadband contract doesn't show anywhere on my account. What're you trying to pull Vodafone?

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Thanks for your messages @lionatus, we would recommend that you send our social media team a private message on Twitter or Facebook. The team can review your account and check any notes from the technical team about the next steps. You can find the contact details here

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