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Aberdeen 900Mbps Service very slow again

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I joke you not its like a kick in the teeth from VF or celebrating exactly a year of perfect 940/940 internet entire year and now, its back this time, Im getting 840/940 when testing to VF London but glasgow or edinburgh is down under 10mbps, so without further a do, in this order from bottom to top, Bracknell or southern england, over 350 miles away has best speed middle one is glasgow and top one is vodafone edinburgh, closest server to me.






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2x More tests done this morning and magically back to normal, will try at peak time again later today.


Ok Last night at 20:05hrs while watching Prime video then Disney+ and then Paramount+, each of the 3 programmes stopped working and gave the swirl of lag death, my TV is less than 3 years old firmware is up to date and all apps installed also latest versions, thought i'd clear that bit up before someone decides to say something, my TV is also on Ethernet direct to hub and yes also tried second ethernet cable as a just in case.

I run a speed test on the line and can ya guess, under 5mbps download and 920 mbps up, now when pc gaming and tv streaming get affected you know this is seriously bad, again below the 455mbps guarantee of the 900mbps Fiber Line.

As I am more than willing to say traffic shaping is one thing but your correct in that they can and do move people around the country if they need too, It is not my fault I work day time hours like most other people but oh they are shoving aberdeen through Bracknell again dont care if they shove us through ireland but if you cant stream in 4k to a single TV with a direct ethernet cable then times are very bad, this has to be corrected and soon I am way outside my contract and can cancel and move but 2 problems with speed in years tells me to give them the opportunity to look after one of the years old customer's before losing them.

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16: Advanced member


Have you reported this to Vodafone, and what do they say?

Nothing will happen because you have posted on the forum.

Escalated to Tier 2 Tech over a week ago, no clue how that is getting on as Tier 2 have not even contacted me.

I will take 3 tests tonight, I know that there is zero point testing right now as its always 6-9pm is worst effected times

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Strange how its only in the evening the speeds drop if its not traffic shaping it very much resembles it after midnight flat out and in the mornings but evening time nope


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We're still waiting for your images to be moderated.

It's not uncommon for users to be placed on an unsuitable gateway. We've seen users in the South being routed to Edinburgh, and Scottish users routed to London. Vodafone call it "Load balancing" and there' s nothing the support teams can do manually to change your routing. I myself was routed via Edinburgh for 3 months twice during my contract - I'm in West Yorkshire.

I think I've also responded in another thread you jumped on. 

What ever they want to call it they have till friday to fix the issue or I terminate and go elsewhere, 455mbps guarenteed my butt.