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BB PRO II BT (OR) to VF (CF) - unable to port BT LL number

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I ordered a new BB PRO II (900mbps) connection from VF fibre being provided by CityFibre.


However, today I received a call saying that my BB order has been cancelled as CF would not port the number.  I kept asking for a specific reason for the inability to port.  I don't think it can be done on a whim.


My two issues here are: 


1. How can VF cancel my BB order without sending me an email confirmation regarding the same?

2. Under what circumstances can a LL number port  be refused?  I am in the same exchange area and it is just two streets away and I am sure that the BT exchange is the same as I used to live a few houses away from the new house I am moving into.  BT have confirmed that nothing needs to be done on their side as the Phone line and BB would be ported to the new house and I am aware that I will have to pay Early Termination Charges for in-contract cancellations as I have no option but to subscribe to a downgraded service (70mbps) at the new house.  CF have surveyed the property and have confirmed their ability to provide Fibre at the new house.


I don't want my number to be changed under any circumstances.


NB:  This is a house move with change of provider.


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16: Advanced member

Bit difficult to fully understand your query, so what service are you currently on, and what are you hoping to move to?

I am currently on BT Full Fibre 900mbps with landline.


I am moving home whilst changing service provider.


I have ordered a Pro II broadband @ 900mbps.  The fibre is being provided by CityFibre and the service provider is VF-UK.


I can't understand how VF can cancel my order at the behest of CityFibre and not sending me an email to say that my order has been cancelled.  In spite of querying multiple times to the VF person I spoke to, all I got was Cityfibre have cancelled your order repeated at least 7 times during a 10 minute call.


Cityfibre can't cancel my order on a whim when their staff have completed the site survey and confirmed feasibility.


I do understand that porting of BT Landline number is not a guarantee, but if that is the case, I should know the reason.  I spoke to BT and they have confirmed that there is no problem at their end to port-out the number.  This number was originally a BT number, ported to EE and then to BT, then to VF and now it is with BT.  When BT are happy to port-out, why can't VF port it in given that they had the number with them for several years before I ported it to BT about 15 months back.


Also, after the phone call, I should have received a communication saying that my order has been cancelled and my options.

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16: Advanced member

Thanks I understand now.

As you are currently on Full Fibre, you number is already off the PSTN (public switched telephone network) and so is being provided over VoIP by BT, and you are looking to get it provided over VoIP by Vodafone.

Whether you are on the same exchange is meaningless when you are on VoIP.

Unfortunately (judging by forum posts) Vodafone seem to have a lot of problems getting numbers ported on VoIP, although I don't know why.

When you were previously with Vodafone the number was presumably on the PSTN.? (it plugged into the BT telephone socket)

Possibly someone else may understand better how Vodafone handle these things, and if it was CityFibre that cancelled the order, they should have given a reason.

I'm assuming Openreach don't have FTTP available where you are moving to?

I think you are finding out just how bad Vodafone are at communications.