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Aberdeen speed issue on fibre

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The previous thread about the speed issues in Aberdeen seems to have disappeared. 

For those of you that were suffering it, how are things now? 

Since I've been moved off the Edinburgh gateway, things are fine for me now. I'm nervous to call it resolved though - I could be moved back to the Edinburgh one any day.

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Working fine for me now since Saturday. 

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2: Seeker

Aye, seems to be mostly OK for me now. IP geolocation was putting me in Falmouth the other day for some reason, but that's no issue.

These short drops are around 8/9pm the last three days, and not particularly concerning. Every data point is 10 minutes apart.



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How's your connection tonight? DL speed seems low again. Interesting stats from When running a test to the Vodafone Bracknell server, it gives a readout of full DL/UL speeds  (500/500 mark), but if you change connection to one of the other servers and run the test again, back down to about 10mbps which feels about right for the poor live football stream tonight





It seems to be all over the place for me. I get anything between 50 and 900 when I run a speed test (DL), and it flies up and down wildly. In a game, my ping was all over the place. Not quite as bad as the 2-3mbps I was getting last week though. reports my closest server is Vodafone Manchester. It always seems somewhat better when I'm on the gateway closest to this (my IP is showing up as in Birmingham?).

When Vodafone Edinburgh was the closest server,  I was getting 2mbps.


If you use Ookla, change the server location before running the test. It would be interesting to know if you get the same rubbish DL speed results as I do when not connecting to their Bracknell server during the test.



You'll invariably get the best results from the Ookla server nearest your gateway (particularly the ping times), unless your gateway is experiencing problems such as congestion. 

Manchester, my closest Ookla server, is giving me 10Mbps now, whereas Bracknell gives me almost 900Mbps. gives me 150Mbps.

Seems to be all over the place.

Given the inconsistencies, I'm not really sure what the true performance of the line is, and I'm not sure what could explain such inconsistent results.

Please do keep up the pressure on Vodafone though, I'm doing the same 😃


I'm around 5-15mb now. So much for thinking VF had sorted the issue. Back to square one

I think their infrastructure simply can't keep up. I'm not sure there's anything they can do to fix this besides upgrading their stuff to cope with the streaming demands in the evening. Obviously their load balancers and software solutions to try to distribute the problem are making things much worse for some. I think this is the only explanation for the inconsistent results and the fact that a VPN completely changes the speed you get (for the better). All we can do is keep pestering them.

I'm sending them another set of traces from their router's diagnostic utility (they welcomed me to send these to one of their technical E-mail addresses). Hopefully they continue to look into it.

I lived in Bangkok for many years and had 1Gbps, and I never got a single byte less than 1Gbps, ever, night or day, peak or not. They must've cheaped out somewhere in the UK =D