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Ultra Hub II: Booster WiFi speeds & 6E

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Does anyone know if the speeds when connected to the Ultra Hub II booster should match that of the main Ultra hub II itself?

The reason I ask is when my iPhone 15 Pro Max connects using WiFi at 6E to the main Ultra hub II router, my pings are lower (c.10 ms) and upload/download speeds are much higher (c 935mb/935mb) than when connected to the booster where the pings to the same speedtest site are typically higher (c. 20/30ms) and the download/upload speeds are noticeably lower (c. 640mb/640mb).  I would have expected the booster to offer the same 6e throughput as the main Ultra hub itself.


4: Newbie

Same issue here. I tried anything I know that was possible in contact with Apple ( Apple changed my iPhone twice - brand new for testing ) . The issue is with Vodafone and this awful boost app ( you control absolutely nothing via them ) . The only solution is to have wife 6e Mode on your phone settings off instead of automatic - also split the network to premium - otherwise you phone will change bands between 2.4 and 5  )

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If you didn’t try please don’t post . There is a clear software issue with WiFi 6E and Vodafone needs to work on that . 

Yes I have done a a very advanced research with iPhone  15 pro max and iPad Pro m4. The issue of low speed ( no disconnect) if you use Vodafone ultra hub and the boost is  from the way Vodafone is using the 6E for the boosters 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Do not click the link in the post by @wilsod it links to an unexpected destination