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Fibre1 WiFi Hub

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I am considering installing Fibre 1 Broadband. Vodafone tell me that this comes with digital voice and that changes to my telephone system are necessary.  Whilst I can understand how to set this up just for telephone connections and broadband, I am not sure how this will fit in with having to connect a telephone line to my Sky Plus + HD Box at the same time.  Please can anybody advise me how to proceed in this situation.


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

The Sky+ HD box hasn't needed the telephone connection for many years, at least 10.

What do you think the Sky HD needs the telephone connection for?

12: Established
12: Established


My phone line is not connected.
Warning: please make sure you
follow steps 1-6 precisely and do
not make any other changes while
in the Installer Set Up menu as
these may have an adverse effect
on your service.
Possible reason
You set up numerous back to back
recordings. Sky prioritises the end
of an existing recording over the
start of a new one.
Your phone line is not physically
connected to your Sky±HD box.
A Your phone number is
ex-directory or you withhold
your number when making calls.
(See page 115 for more
possible reasons.)
What to do now
 If you get the
message Telephone line not connected, you need to make sure the
phone lead is connected properly. If you see the message Telephone
line connected, try solutions A-E below.
A Change the dialling prefix, as follows:
1 Press services, press right to highlight Settings then press select.
2 Press the numbers 0, 1 then select to show the Installer Set
Up menu.
3 Press number 3.
4 Highlight Dialling Prefix and press the number sequence 1, 4, 7, 0.
5 Select Save Settings.
6 Make sure your phone line is free then press select. Your box now
tries to call us back, which checks the phone line connection.
After getting the message Callback in progress, the previous menu

If you see any other message at this stage, please call
Sky Customer Service for more advice.


The number is provided in
the Terms & Conditions document.
Troubleshooting 114
What’s wrong?
My phone line is not connected
Possible reason
B There’s more than one phone
line in your home but you’ve
connected one or more of your
boxes to the line that’s NOT
registered to your Sky account.
C A Sky box and card registered
to your account is in another
property that you own.
D You have an ADSL/Broadband
service at home.
E You have disconnected
your phone line (e.g. to
carry out decorative works
in your home).



Perhaps ask SKY ?

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I think those instructions are well outdated. The sky+HD box has a direct internet connection so a phone line isn't needed anymore. Originally the phone line was simply for authenticating and updating the card. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

The earlier Sky HD box didn't have the network connection, but the requirement for the phone line was dropped many years ago. (AFAIK)