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Landline phone with own router on FTTP

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Just got FTTP and everything is working fine off the VF router. Phone lines are plugged into the VF router, VF router's WiFi is switched off. 3rd party Mesh has been switched to Bridge mode and plugged into the VF's ethernet port.

However I am shocked at how feature poor the VF router is. e.g. There are no Parental controls at all. I know I can get rid of the VF router and plug my own Mesh router into the Openreach ONT, but what about the Landline. 

Are there any 3rd party routers in the market that have a telephone socket at the back to allow the home phone to be plugged in? 

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Thanks, I have ordered the HT812 from Amazon. Currently £46 ish but the shipping will take a while from the US. 

I wonder now how you connect it up? Do you wire the modem from the master socket first or the gateway first then into the modem?  Guessing Socket >RJ11> Modem >RJ45> HT812 Gateway >RJ45> Router WAN port? Cheers!

"I have ordered the HT812 from Amazon. Currently £46 ish"

Currently £60.23 on Amazon, can you share a cheaper link?

Very useful thanks. I'm waiting for my Ht801 to arrive, will the Ht812 settings you have given be interchangeable with the Ht801? 

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My contract is coming to end with vodafone and looking to move to onestream, they said their setup is similar to Vodafone and offering me a good discount, hoping they can share thier VOIP details for this setup.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

There will be no sharing of VoIP details, but hopefully they will be able to port your number to Onestream.

However there will be a charge of £6.50 per month to provide/keep the landline, which makes them (for me at least) more expensive than Vodafone. (on Vodafone it's free)



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3: Seeker

Just adding a +1 for successful request of VOIP details. As of about 3 days ago, they're still helpful in the online chat and gave me both my VOIP + DSL details via SMS. Just waiting for my HT812 to come now and I'll update my comment on overall success. Thanks all!

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16: Advanced member

Prices go up as well. Bag yourself the last HT801 instead £40 

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16: Advanced member

Latest update.

Grandstream VOIP devices confirmed to be working with Vodafone's Digital Voice service.


GXP1620 - Wired Phone (Tested by g7omn)
GXP1625 - Wired Phone (Tested by mdbloomfield)
HT801 - ATA (Tested by many)
HT802 - ATA (Tested by many)
HT812 - ATA (Tested by many)
WP810 - WiFi Phone (Tested by cf996 & myself)
WP822 - WiFi Phone (Tested by myself)

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3: Seeker

Hi, I'm using my HT801 fine with opnSense, but recently had complaints of calls not being received...

Managed to reproduce it today; seeing a firewall block in the logs; looks like Vodafone are using a new source IP:

Source -> myStaticIP:5065

That IP range is registered to Vodafone and only occurs when I ring my number and don't get ringing...

Most inbound comes from fine - wondering if anyone is seeing this new source?



yes seeing that IP too since October when we also had a bunch of not received calls.