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Landline phone with own router on FTTP

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Just got FTTP and everything is working fine off the VF router. Phone lines are plugged into the VF router, VF router's WiFi is switched off. 3rd party Mesh has been switched to Bridge mode and plugged into the VF's ethernet port.

However I am shocked at how feature poor the VF router is. e.g. There are no Parental controls at all. I know I can get rid of the VF router and plug my own Mesh router into the Openreach ONT, but what about the Landline. 

Are there any 3rd party routers in the market that have a telephone socket at the back to allow the home phone to be plugged in? 

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Thanks for the quick reply! Do you have any recommendation of routers that does work and are easy to configure for the voip?

No, I don't think any routers with built in VoIP/ATA adapters will work.

I notice in your last image you have HT812 in the search box. Do they in fact have a HT812? That will work, but it wouldn't be configured via the telephony settings in the router.

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2: Seeker

Firstly - thanks to everyone on this post.  I have spent hours poring through people's settings, and have finally got my grandstream 812 registering on VF, and can make and receive calls.  But...

The caller ID on the phone receiving the calls shows the incorrect number, and whilst I can call back on the displayed number, the correct number (as shown in my VF account online), does not work.

I.e. - my old number (that should have ported and shows in my VF account, is 01494 ******.  If I call my mobile from my landline, I see a called ID with 0207 ******.  The call works fine.  If I dial my old number (01494 ******) I get an error, if I call the 0207 number, I can connect.

Question is - is this an issue with my settings, or is it an issue with VF porting my old number?

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16: Advanced member


It doesn't sound like they have ported your number at all.

Any chance you could see if the same occurs with the Vodafone router? If the same occurs it must be a Vodafone problem, if it uses your correct number it must be a problem with your configuration.

I was about to do that, but can't find it!  Its buried in the attic somewhere!

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I have followed the instructions to add the service to my grandstream ht812, I can make outbound calls but when I call my landline from my mobile the mobile makes the ringing sound but my landline telephone does not ring, neither does the fax machine. What am I doing wrong? 😞

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Mine has mysteriously stopped working properly after many months trouble free and no changes my side. Now when I make a call, I get a dial tone then the phone number I am calling rings but I get nothing through the earpiece of the phone. If I call my VOIP landline number from my mobile for example, I hear it ringing through my phone ear piece but the landline is not ringing. I have tried just answering the landline anyway but I just get a dial tone. Has anyone else had anything similar? Has this been resolved by anyone? 

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16: Advanced member

Have you been moved to CG-NAT (does your WAN IP start with 100.*.*.*)?

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I have a static IP so obviously that has not changed that is 90.***.***.***/32

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2: Seeker

Morning all, I have a Dratek 2762 on Vodafone bb and a GXP1625 I'm trying to connect  with no luck I have all the credentials from Vodaphone and a tech guy trying to put them in but just not dialling in or out.

I have the ip address of the phone on the screen. I can get a dialling tone even with the lan out of the gpx any tips or is there a way of showing the setup to you for help ?