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Recovering a landline number lost during porting

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

We switched from Plusnet to VF Full Fibre home broadband 1 month ago, and were assured we could keep our existing landline number. The number porting was a disaster, with the landline only fully operational 2 days ago, but was then using a different number. VF just said the previous number could not be ported and that was that. I understand that such 'lost' numbers sit in quarantine somewhere for some time, does anyone know if is there any chance we could somehow recover our original number - we really didn't want it changed.


4: Newbie

I believe the number only resides in quarantine for 30 days after it has been disconnected, so it may now be too late.

Thanks, I discovered this as well eventually so have had to accept the change in our landline number. Should be a warning to others going through this, as VF can easily take 30+ days to complete a number porting!

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Vodafone recently did this to my mother-in-law. She had her number for around 50 years and now gone because of their incompetence. We are taking this to Ofcom as we have reached the end of road with VF Support and they are unable to escalate it further internally.  I have been told, I expect incorrectly, that VF are currently unable to port ANY number to their system due to a technical issue with a resolution date that is undetermined. Despite being told the number would remain (we were upgrading from one package to another not moving providers) it has apparently been lost. Totally unacceptable service from VF.

I encourage anyone reading this who is in a similar situation to take the matter as far as you can (Ofcom) and do not accept the offer to leave (woohoo, so VF can wash their hands of it) or a discount which doesn't compensate for the hours of inconvenience. VF will hopefully be fined for their mismanagement and incompetence. Would I recommend VF Broadband, absolutely not. When it works it is fine, when something goes wrong you are not their priority.