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Uncoupling land line number from broadband.

4: Newbie

Hi. Feasibility question really. 

I’m currently on the ProII Full fibre II package and have been for about 18 months. This provides me with full fibre broadband and a telephone line which runs over voip and connects A standard dect telephone directly to my router using an adapter.  Contract is due for renewal and I’m looking to ‘unbundle’ my landline so that it’s separate from my broadband. Essentially I’d port my number over to a voip provider and use that service for my telephone calls. Thinking of then purchasing a yealink device of some description and using that to handle the calls at whatever rate the sip provider charges. I’d plug the yealink base station into the existing router via RJ45.  

My reasoning is that i worry about losing my long owned land line number if i move broadband provider and figure if i treat the land line as a separate service its one less service to worry about if i ever decide to migrate broadband providers. On top of this I’d be able to take advantage of a voip providers additional services like call blocking for example. 

so. Having said all this - is it possible to port my existing working voip number from Vodafone without causing any issues with either the number or the current broadband service? Would it just be a case of starting the porting process with the VoIP providers or is there a risk Vodafone would see that as a request to cancel my broadband. Is there a best way to handle this? 

Appreciate anyone’s input. I realise I could have make this question shorter!!