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dead landline

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

My landline has been working fine but is now dead (there is a remote buzz instead of a dialtone). I've done all of the checks suggested on the website - disconnecting phones, plugging directly to master socket etc - but no luck. I've tried calling support but can't get past the (un) AI to speak to a human. The chat support says they are all busy - does anyone have any ideas on how I can report this and get it fixed? It was so much easier with Sky and I'm regretting switching already....


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Have you tried 08080 034 515 from Broadband-and-Home-Phone-FAQs. 

The Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries may also be able to help.

I'd suggest Twitter and link back to your thread here including your forum username so your not having to repeat yourself.

I wish you all the best with this situation @sheadit 


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thanks for your reply - finally managed to get through to someone on chat - but not convinced that it is addressed.  Still no landline and Suresignal is down too so we have no phones at all.  Tried chat again tis morning but got connect to 'Tobi' the useless AI bot.



Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Hey @sheadit 

As @BandOfBrothers mentioned, I'd advise contacting out social media team regarding this! They'll be able to access your account and run tests on your line to get to the bottom of this.

You can find out all ways to contact them from the link here

Have a great rest of the week!