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Mobile Broadband

DNS issue with mobile broadband (Huawei R219h)

2: Seeker

Hi everyone,

I just got a brand new mobile broadband device from Vodafone (Huawei R219h). While trying it for the first time, my Windows 10 PC can connect to the Wifi network, but it shows as "No Internet, Secured" on the wifi list. Any page I try to open comes up with a message saying, e.g. "This site can't be reached.'s DNS address could not be found."
I can access the wifi settings by opening on my browser, but I see no way to change DNS servers there.
Any pointers to what might be going on here?...


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Hi @espadana. I'm sorry you're having connection issues at the moment. Please check out our troubleshooting steps here as this may help resolve your issue. If you're still unable to connect afterwards, please pop our Social Media team a message here, so we're able to check your line to ensure there's nothing there that could be affecting your connection at all 

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