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Gigacube 5G is very slow in the evening (cant even play 360p in youtube)

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I am using Gigacube for 5 months, it was fine until Dec 2022. Internet speed slowed down in every evening from 6pm - 11pm (youtube status showing ~200 - 500Kbps). I cant even play the video with 360p smoothly. However, when I do the speed test with Ookla, it showing the network speed is fine (~40 Mbps).

Is there any speed control on video streaming platform and how can I check for that? Thanks.


@monkeychew I am at southen part of London, yes seems a bit better today, but not 100% sure if will be fine.

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For me this week YouTube has been good. I’m hoping they’ve fixed the issue permanently now. As for the issues you guys are experiencing I can’t tell if it’s the same problem or not but I only ever had an issue with YouTube and everything else was great.

I'm guessing its something to do with usage, i'm using Sky Stream so usage is now in the 500GB+ a month with ease.

The problem is back again this Monday, started playing up last night.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@monkeychew - thanks for the update and I'm sorry to hear it's happening again. Please can you message us again through Social Media and include a link to this thread? We can then look to get this reviewed. 

@monkeychew yes it happens again for me also tonight..

@CHJaY_2022  After speaking to complaints via a callback yesterday (after the upper technical team investigated) the problem seems to be resolved again for me.

@monkeychew Hi, did they mention what is the potential problem?

@Gemma @Jason @Amanda 

I have called customer service 0191 and it doesn't help much (esculated but no respond yet). Is there anyway I can make an complaint. Its annoying and its impacting my WFH.

I’ve called them again today about the issue. Apparently there’s a problem with the mast and they’ve scheduled maintenance for next week. It remains to be seen If this will fix the issue though.

@CHJaY_2022 this Is the number for complaints (I’ll delete shortly if I can as I don’t think it’s public)



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Community Manager
Community Manager

@CHJaY_2022 - I'm sorry this has got to the stage of you looking to make a complaint/ I've found the conversation you've last had with us on Social Media. As it's been a while since we've talked to you there, please can you message again and we can log your complaint for you.