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Gigacube end of contract options

2: Seeker

The 18-month contract for my 4G Gigacube ends next month so I chatted to the upgrade team online about the options.

It seems that their systems were not great at pointing out that I could move to a data SIM plan now that I have, effectively, paid for the Gigacube and it needed some manipulating of these systems to actually let me move to one.

But the advisor was very persistent and I am now on a unlimited data plan at a much lower price.

The real advice for Gigacube users is to ensure that you do not remain on your original plan when it expires, but give Vodafone a call and ensure that it is changes.

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Thanks for your post @thebeercard, very insightful 👍


Once you're at the end of your GigaCube contract, we would recommend moving to a 30 day, 12 months or 24 months data-only SIM deal. For anyone coming up to the commitment end date of a GigaCube or MiFi contract, you can check out the options here

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