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Mobile Broadband

K5161 Disconnecting USB 4G

2: Seeker

Hey there,


Been using the K5161 Dongle with Unlimited Max data plan for the past 30 days with almost no coverage or connection issues.


2 days ago I upgraded my computer and moved over to Windows 10 (from 7). And downloaded the relevant Vodafone Windows 10 app.


Now the dongle completely drops connection every hour or so and is then reconnected to the computer (device popup) and connects back to the 4G. I've tried multiple different USB slots and found no difference in performance, so I'm unsure if it it a software issue with Windows 10?


Or is it some kind of 'data choking' on my Unlimited Data plan? I use alot of data (500gb/month) for work so being a new customer who's just come to the end of their first month I'm unsure if I'm experiencing some kind of capping.


Any help is super appreciated.



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Hi @HarryBarry 👋 I have done a quick google search and it sounds like the computer may have some power management settings which possibly are affecting the dongle, can you try and find the dongle in the Device Manager from the start menu, right click on the dongle and go to properties, you should then see a power management tab, uncheck the box which allow the computer to turn off the device to save power. Let us know if this helps 😊

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