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Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband excessive data usage

1: Seeker


Anyone help with a problem of huge data use with Home Hub R218h mobile broadband.

Bought this in Jan 18  with 50 gig data and have been using between 10-25 gb per month. This month however lost mobile data 3 days before  rolover of data and when i contacted vodafone C.S told that we had used over our 50gb allowance. When i have checked the usage it shows huge chunks of data in 1000mb increments every 10-15 min over 3 hour period in one period and In 3 days there were 20gb of use all in 1000mb and 750mb chunks. Vodafone cant explain it and say we must be using it but we are not doing anything different than usual with just internet browsing and the odd movie stream from amazon. HELP!

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@ChrisPanaro What devices are connected to your Mobile Broadband? I've seen similar cases before where computers/laptops have been connected and have done updates in the background without the users knowledge, resulting in massive chunks of data being used. 

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3: Seeker

I doubt the above is correct as my data usage should be no higher now than before but after my first day with the Vodafone mobile WiFi it shows I’m using about 5 GB per day !!!!!

With the same number of devices I just don’t trust it , prior to this my satellite broadband used about 22 GB per 30 days , at this rate it will be nearer 150 GB ... and if that’s the case I’ll be going back to my old satellite set up .

Vodafone must be obliged to show where the data is being used , 

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2: Seeker

Before we got the Vodafone mobile broadband we used the satellite broadband for 12 months and never exceeded the 20GB limit once,so cant really understand how it is using as much as it does. 

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3: Seeker

Spoke to a Vodafone guy today and he gave an explanation that could well be the issue , he spent some time listening to my complaint and suggested that the difference could be that now I have a mobile phone WiFi it means that when my iPhone is updating it uses my new mobile WiFi ( vodafone ) connection therefore using up my data , prior to this my iPhone would only update when getting a mobile signal which would be when out and about , and it wouldn’t use the satellite signal . 

Not sure I understand completely but I have turned off the data roaming update option on both our iPhones , on checking my phone the App Store app alone had used 2. 4 GB .

anyway I’ve noted the data usage level and will monitor closely . The Vodafone guy did put a blocker on my data usage at 50GB so should be no extra costs .

what do you think , is this explanation a possibility 

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3: Seeker

Cancel my above post , after turning most things off in both our mobiles and disconnecting our smart TV and main desk PC , yesterday was fine using less than 1GB , but today with only myself at home I was monitoring my data usage . 0930 hrs 1393GB . 1200hrs 1398GB

1315hrs 1402GB all going well and I thought All was going to be okay then I checked at 1845hrs and usage had jumped to 1969GB ..... what on earth could use that much data bearing in mind I have switched off most devices and I was also out the house for a couple of hours during this time ..... VODAFONE need to tell me exactly what is using this data or else I will have no option but terminate with them .... I DO NOT accept an administrator stating that these figures will be correct .......absolute nonsense........ 5.6GB over a 5 hour period when half this time no one was at home .... 

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