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Mobile Broadband

Problems with Vodafone & BackBlaze

1: Seeker

I've been using Vodafone mobile broadband as the main connection for my house for a couple of years now - with success (rural location - traditional line speeds <2Mbps).  I've recently been looking to start backing up my files to cloud storage - and had settled on Backblaze, after a comparison of cost for given data etc.


However - when I try to logon to Backblaze through the Vodafone 4G, it continually times out.  Strangely though it works fine through my O2 mobile phone (with Wifi turned off).  Backblaze have traced everything, and can only point to some sort of blacklisting of their login servers by Vodafone as the possible reason.


Interested to hear whether anyone else in the community has come across this problem - and if so how you solved it.  



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