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R228t SSID Problem

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2: Seeker


I have a 4G Mobile Hotspot with R228t device. For the last 3 days, SSID of the network (Wifi name) is not coming/seen at none of my mobile devices, laptop, iphone or smart tv.

Once i remove the simcard from R228t, put into my iphone, i can have data services, meaning that there is someting wrong with R228t device.

Anyone experienced, appreciated if you can guide with the solution?



3: Seeker
3: Seeker


I have the same issue - purchased 2 of these devices.  Personalised the SSID last week (Wednesday) and ensured the Firmware was fully up to date.  

Neither device showed the SSID available on any devices initially.  Only one has since come to life on the new SSID provided, however, the second is still not visible.  

Not got an answer, but simply confirming that you do not appear to be alone with this issue.  

I would be interested in any responses you receive with a resolution, or if you in fact managed to resolve yourself.  



Great to hear i am not alone, but concerned with your problem.

Do you know how i can be sure about the firmware or update the latest firmware in my device?



Thanks for coming back.

The firmware can be accessed when you log onto the device using the http://vodafonemobile.wifi link when connected to the device.  This gives various device options, however, as you cannot reach the MiFi box through it's SSID on any of your devices, you won't be able to reach the R228t configuration pages.

On the device I couldn't reach I have undertaken the factory reset.
On my second device that still seems to be working, I have firmware version R228t_IZ_02.00_16, but expect the MiFi box will be automatically looking for firmware anyway.

For info, I also set my default frequency to 5GHz on both devices to maximise speed given the close proximity use - with one still working I can only assume this hasn't caused the issue.

Hopefully somebody on here will provide some info, otherwise I'll be sending my 'faulty' device back to VodaFone to have it investigated, and possibly replaced.

Good luck with yours too.


Just to confirm the symptoms being experienced with mine (may be different to yours).


  1. Power up the device - all 4 blue led's appear
  2. Check for SSID to show as available network - no joy.
  3. Light sequence seems to be
    1. 4 lights steady for 22 seconds
    2. all lights extinguish for 1 second
    3. Cycle repeats on a 23 second cycle.

I have undertaken both 'hold to reset' and 'Factory Restore reset' to no avail.  Device does not appear to 'turn off' after holding power button for 3 seconds, so wonder if there is a power management issue. In order to 'switch off device' need to remove batter from the back - never left for 30 minutes to see if the Power Save mode kicks in.

Hopefully this lets you confirm if the issue is the same as mine, and also for VodaFone to check to see if this is a common issue with these devices, and provide any suggested remedial actions.

Have a great day 🙂


I do confirm that i am experiencing the same symptoms with those time stamps.


Thanks again for coming back.  As a corporate user, I am still awaiting the 'team that deals with this' to get back to me with instructions.  In the meantime we can wait in hope for some VF advice.  If I hear anything through my internal teams, I'll be sure to share back on here for you.

Take care 🙂

Thank you very much, appreciated.

I have exactly the same problem as you everything you have said and as I have activated the SIM I can’t return it!!! 


Can we all share the exact date when this problem has started?

It is important that, if we can filter out whether a configuration change in their mobile network lead this such as blacklisting those equipments, any parameter change... or it is purely hw problem.


Mine happened on 17th of August evening.