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r228t red internet light

2: Seeker
2: Seeker


The red internet light is permanently on on my R228T. I have had customer chat support:


I have removed the sim, replaced it and restarted the unit several times.

A 'refresh' has been carried out vodaphone's end.

I have moved the unit around house.


According to the signal checker, I have 'good signal inside and out' where I live. The unit is working, but download speeds are between 2-5 mbps usually.  Any idea what the problem might be? I was expecting faster speeds.







Community Manager
Community Manager

@osgervode - thanks for the tests you've already done. I know how important it is to have the best possible speeds. To help us check the network in your area, please follow the steps here. I understand you've already gone through some of these. If you get to 'step 6', please post the completed template back here. 



Thanks for your reply. It will be helpful of you can answer some questions before I spend time doing more to try to sort this out:


The red light means that the signal is poor. Is that right? In which case perhaps there is either a problem with a mast nearby or alternatively Vodafone's appraisal of local signal coverage is not accurate.  Does that sound reasonable?


My partner, who lives in the same house, has a vodafone iPhone 13 and also gets very slow speeds. So that would suggest that the signal is poor, right?


I'm surprised that you can't definitively say whether there is something wrong with the device or that the signal is much weaker than vodafone advertises. If I had known it was going to be this poor then I probably wouldn't have purchased it.







Following on from my previous post about what seems to be poor 4g signal in my area despite vodafone suggesting otherwise, are there any signal boosters that vodafone sells/recommends?





17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Take a look at this information from Ofcom @osgervode 

Using a repeater to improve your indoor mobile phone signal 


To get anything that works will be very expensive but repeaters should be available from online sites like Amazon.


It will never be ideal to depend on a mobile signal for data, you really need a broadband connection and use WiFi calling for your phone connection.

Following on from what Ann said, you can check to see if there are any network issue in your area by searching our network checker here


A solid red light does mean the signal is weak. It is possible that obstacles in your house might be causing the signal to be weak. Try to keep the device away from any mirrors also try to keep it near windows. Try and move it into different rooms to see if the connection improves. 


You can also try and speedtest to see what type of speeds you're getting:


If there are no network issues and you haven't had any improvement moving your device around the house. Please contact my team using the link here