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Mobile Broadband

Super slow gigacube 4g.

2: Seeker

Joined vodafone a month ago and it has been a nightmare. They promised super speeds and it would ideal for my needs but it has been nothing of the sort.

 I contacted them and they couldn't answer me except with wait until the works have finished in you area and things willbe better. Really???!!! 
if I cancel now my charges wil be extortionate. either way I am screwed. 😞

does anyone have any tips. Apart crom resetting the gigacube?  Thanks. 


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4: Newbie

Having the same issues as you. I'm 4 months into my contract. For the first 3 mo this I had 0 issues with my connection and was delighted. Since early February I get good speeds during the morning. Up to 30mbps download and 20mbps upload. In the evening my speeds drop to unusable. I've been getting 0.2mbps download and still 20mbps upload. I've spent hours on the phone with Vodafone and hour on the online chat but nothing they do seems to help. It seems that my area is oversaturated with connections in the area and drops everyone to pointlessly slow speeds. 


If anyone could assist we would all be helpful. 


I've been through the soft reset process. I.e. turn off. Remove sim for 2 minutes and insert SIM. 

I've done the hard reset. I.e. hold the reset button on router for a minute so it resets everything. 

I've been told by the support department my SIM wasn't registered properly so I should force the router to use 3g for 30 mintues then force it to 4g only and manually select Vodafone. 


Once you go through all this they say I need to wait for 30 minutes and ensure it will definately be fixed. Which it isn't.

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That's not good @abates85 & @JMVJ. So we can check your local coverage, pop us your full postcode and we'll check this for you.

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