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Mobile Broadband

Unable to cancel contract on a product I do not want

2: Seeker

I'm realy appauled by how Vodafone have treated me with my mobile broadband.
When trying to call to resolve this I was transferred to ten different representatives in different departments and none of them could help.  Each time was a cold transfer and I had to re go through security.  Anyway ... that's besides the point.

I had a poor braodband connection that disconnected frequently but still stuck it out for the full 18 months term of the contract.

I called to cancel and switch to another provider but was told the gigacube would be the answer to my problems, it doesn't rely on the phoneline, so will work better.  I was offered 100GB for £25, and told this would be ample data for my needs, I could cancel in the first month if I was unhappy with it and we could always adjust the tarrif if more data was required.

20 days in I'm out of data and have no internet.
I called to ask for more to be added and was offered 1GB for £60.  At the rate I was using it I could see that I actually needed 50GB more to make the end of the month, so this would cost me £300 more per month.  Obviously not an option.

I asked to be changed to a different product, I can see on the website that there is a package for £40 for 200GB.  I was told I cannot move to this because it is for new customers only.  But I could move to that product for £60 per month.  How am I not a new customer?  I'm 20 days in on my first month?

Unahppy with this I called to cancel, to be told... you are past your 14 day cooling of period "there is nothing we can do for you pal"

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I just don't want this product, I want unlimited broadband on a phoneline connection.

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Hey @DrLazer, it's disappointing to hear about the trouble you've had since taking out your mobile broadband. 

One of our team will be happy to access your account and take a closer look into this for you. Please get in touch via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or contact us on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK.

Please also provide a link to this thread, along with your username; this will save time and we’ll be able to help you quicker.

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2: Seeker

I messaged on Social Media 6 days ago and finalky got a reply asking for sone security details. Do I wait 6 more days to start discussing the problem?


I tried calling to sort this out. I was cold transferred and made to go through security TEN times. Each department telling me I needed to speak to a different department. Vodafone customer service is just next level terrible.

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