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Mobile Broadband

Vodafone R218h Unlock problems

2: Seeker

I have successfully entered my NUC unlock code given to me by Vodafone. I have a BT Mobile (EE) SIM card which I want to use in this device as I get a strong 4G connection with them rather than the very weak connection with Vodafone. 

When I try to use the BT SIM in this unlocked R218h device, it just says 'disconnected' on the 'Mobile WiFi' App. I've tried manually selecting the network. I just have no idea what to do to get it to connect. I really need this to work as I need to take this away with me! There's nothing wrong with the SIM card I have. It's as if Vodafone will let you unlock the device but they block it from connecting to any other network once a different SIM is in there!


17: Community Champion

Hi @SamsungFanBoy 


If you received the unlock  success message on the PC screen before being able to use an alternative SIM in the device will need the correct settings and instal the software from BT.


This means you will need to contact BT support for the settings and software.




edit. To add:  Where mobile broadband is concerned, a PAYG SIM activates when it makes a connection with the internet, you will need the correct settings and software to make a connection.






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