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5G signal disappeared

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

We have a Samsung Galaxy, iPhone and Gigacube all working from 5G signal on a mast that's 75m from our house. All of a sudden the 5G signal has disappeared. We now get 4G+ signals instead but no 5G. Our wifi still works fine from the Gigacube and our phones pick up 5G when we go elsewhere, I want to know why there is no 5G signal. I have done network resets on the phone and a reset on the Gigacube. Vodafone aren't helping very much. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @ColB I understand how important it is to have the best internet connection available. Please enter your postcode onto our Network Status Checker. If there aren't any report faults or maintenance taking place, then please message us over on Social Media. We can then take a look into what's happening with the 5G in your area. 

I have done that several times, I have reset both phones and the Gigacube several times, I have reset networks, removed SIM cards, used Flight Mode etc etc but to no avail. I don't use social media. 

Thanks for clarifying and taking the time to detail the troubleshooting steps which you've taken so far, @ColB. If you do not have access to Social Media, we'd need you to reach out by either calling up on 191 from a Vodafone mobile or by messaging us here, as we'll need to take a deeper look into this to determine what's happening with your service.