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Moving from India to the UK - Need Guidance on Getting a UK Vodafone Number

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hello Vodafone Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently residing in India and will be moving to the UK soon. As part of my preparations, I'm looking for information on obtaining a Vodafone number in the UK. I have a few questions and would appreciate any guidance or advice from the community.

  1. Procedure for Acquiring a UK Vodafone Number: Could someone please guide me through the steps to get a Vodafone number in the UK? Are there any specific requirements for someone moving from abroad?
  2. Documentation Needed: What kind of documentation would be required to set up a Vodafone account in the UK? Are there any documents I should prepare in advance?
  3. Best Vodafone Plans for New Residents: Are there specific plans or offers that are recommended for individuals who are new to the UK? I'm interested in data plans and international calling options.
  4. Any Tips or Recommendations: If you have gone through a similar process or have any tips for someone moving from India to the UK and getting a Vodafone number, please share your experiences.

I appreciate any help and insights the community can provide. Thank you in advance for your assistance!


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Getting a SIM card in the UK is much easier than being a resident in India @reelssaver .  In  the UK we don't have to produce all the documentation that is needed in India.

The problem is you will probably need to keep to PAYG for a while, to get a pay monthly contract, Vodafone will complete an identity and credit check and you are expected to have had a UK address for a while and be on the UK electoral roll at the address, plus you will need some UK credit history to base the check. Vodafone have information on credit checks here Credit Checks 

As far as PAYG is concerned you can order a free SIM here: Free SIM .  

Take a look at Voxi here Voxi still Vodafone giving you unlimited Social Media and it'd almost the same as having a contract without the need for any credit check, you register your UK credit or debit card and Voxi take the monthly payment.

When you arrive in the UK you can simply go into a store without all the documents you have to produce in India though it wouldn't do any harm to take your passport and purchase a Vodafone PAYG or Voxi SIM.  There is a list of stores here: Vodafone Store Locator 

To add : See here Calling Abroad from the UK  well worth adding an extra to save money Vodafone extras