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Network queries

Need support re lack of signal to my home address

2: Seeker

My wife and I are both with Vodafone, having elected to join as at the time you were the only network who provided a reliable signal to our house; over the last month this has changed.

We no longer get signal in all but one room in our house, and even then this is a flaky 3g signal at best.

I cannot ask this online to your support staff as the 'Chat to us Online' feature on your website does not work and never loads the chat screen.

Please could someone from Vodafone get in touch to assist us logging a fault?

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We'd be happy to help you investigate what's going on @snpreece. To start with, could you please complete our initial network checks here. We'd also advise sharing your postcode over a private channel, so once you've completed the initial checks you can send us the details over on Twitter or Facebook here and we'll get the ball rolling 👍

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