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Network queries

Network error

1: Seeker

Hey there!


So, recently I bought the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G from Curry's PC world, which included a contract to Vodafone (unlimited texts, calls, xGB limited data, etc).


It worked great until today. It comes up that it can't connect to the network, I can't make calls or receive texts, I'm basically cut off. I've tried looking for the mobile networks but unfortunately only Tesco comes up when I restart it. I was going to register a My Vodafone account on the app to see if I could sort it that way, only I couldn't do it because the verification mean receiving a text - which I can't!


I'm not sure what to do. I'm planning on taking the phone into the local Vodafone shop in two days to see what's happening and maybe if I can register there. Besides that, I'm not sure what to do because even once I register, that doesn't fix the network error I've been getting.


Any advice? 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @JMH04 


See here: My mobile device has no signal. What should I do? Follow this link, complete the pro forma,copy and paste the results back on the thread: Network Issues 


As you are a new customer, the first think I thought about was an account issue.  The first bill is received within a week of joining and it is sometimes necessary to pay the first bill manually.


For a quick answer, live chat can check your account.  To speak directly to the Social Team through Twitter or Facebook follow this link: Contact Us 

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