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my website is blocked by securenet

4: Newbie

Hi, team. 

my website is blocked by Securenet for no reason. 

It's not even launched yet and still being work in progress. And it's simple dating website. Did it block it just by keyword auto matching or something?


hi @CallumR It was ok yesterday, and it's blocked again today.. could you check if you can enter the website under Secure Net? Anyway, I'll wait for few more days just to see if it's just matter of time to be fixed or not...


@CallumR   actually seems fine again. probably some cache problem. Will come back in 1 week to confirm one more time! Thanks!

4: Newbie

it's still pretty unstable. will come back after some time. Thanks.

Hey @benevbright Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully it continues to work for you. 

Please let us know if anything changes. 

@CallumR hi, me again. 

Sorry, this hasn't been fixed. I can't enter my website.

one idea is that maybe it should be unblocked on main domain level... here

Could you check this with the team one more time? And could you please try to check if you can enter under Vodafone Secure Net?

Hello again @benevbright. It's disappointing to see your ongoing concerns regarding your URL's. I can confirm that the following URL's were raised and reclassified by our Network team, after advising that they were being blocked by Secure Net: 



When we raise a request to the dedicated team, it's the URL that we've added into the request that gets investigated, so any attached domain won't be worked as well. Upon request, we can raise a request for the main domain to be reclassified. 

hi @Jason that would be great.. 

could you reclassify the main domain?


Of course @benevbrightI've raised the main domain URL to be reviewed under the reference number INC000005083565. We'll let you know as soon as there's an update, so do keep your eyes peeled. 

@Jason Hi, Jason. Do you have any update? Thanks.

@benevbright I have sent an email to chase this up for you, as it looks like this is still be worked on. Once we hear back we will let you know here.