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my website is blocked by securenet

4: Newbie

Hi, team. 

my website is blocked by Securenet for no reason. 

It's not even launched yet and still being work in progress. And it's simple dating website. Did it block it just by keyword auto matching or something?


hey @Andy @Jason @CallumR it's taking too long time. I'm blocked to launching my website and only keep waiting. I don't understand why Vodafone can just block my website for no reason. 

@benevbright We have had confirmation that your site is classified as dating, so this should not be being blocked by Secure Net. If the issue is still occurring, can you please send over a screenshot of the page showing what happens when your site is accessed over a Vodafone connection and we can take a further look into this.  

@Andy You can simple go

and see this 



It only happens on my mobile Vodafone cellular network. It's not happening when my phone is connected to my Home Vodafone WIFI.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for confirming this @benevbright, as the language shown on the screenshot appears to be German, can you confirm you're using a Vodafone UK mobile network?

hi @Mark . no. I live in Germany and using Germany Vodafone mobile. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

This is a Vodafone UK forum @benevbright. For more help with your issue, you'll need to speak to Vodafone Germany. As @Andy advised, we have your site classified as dating and it's not being blocked by the Vodafone UK network.

@Mark hi Mark. thanks for your answer. But Vodafone Germany doesn't have forum to request... and if what you said is correct, do I have to go to every countries where Vodafone is and request unblocking my website from SecureNet? It shouldn't be this way...

Community Manager
Community Manager

As we only have access to the Vodafone UK network @benevbright, we can only request changes to the UK network. As mentioned previously, your site is classified as dating by ourselves and not being restricted in any way. As the restriction appears to be related to the Vodafone Germany network, you will need to speak to them via one of their contact channels.