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Off topic

5G coming to every EU country by 2020

16: Advanced member

With 4G still rolling out across the UK, it is interesting to see that 5G is being worked on and should be with us by 2020. I think it will be interesting to see what sort of speeds 5G brings us.


Take a look here if you fancy reading a bit more about it. 


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12: Established
It would be nice to get 3G were Ilive.
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17: Community Champion

Hi @Theakstone



I agree that networks even though need to look at next fazes they should improve their infrastructure more - I understand they invest heavily daily into this - but should push out more stable signal and data speeds too to their fringe coverage areas and not spot areas. 


I believe Vodafone are working on VoLTE which should help improve things calls wise , but need to have 3G/4G supplied to more people. 


I remember seeing a post saying in not so many words ,..... We can put men on the moon and communicate with them ,but cannot supply signal to my area in the U.K. 


5G will be interesting to those that can get the needed signal but maybe a little disappointing to those that are stuck on 2G. :Sad_face:

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>It would be nice to get 3G were Ilive.

Or even 2G in many parts of Wales !!

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Community Champion (Retired)

@DeJaVue wrote:

>It would be nice to get 3G were Ilive.

Or even 2G in many parts of Wales !!

Same for parts of West Sussex.

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2: Seeker

2020 update. More than half of EU-27 countries without 5G

about stsbet

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