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Credit Reference File

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2: Seeker


How do i get in contact with your department that deals with credit reports. Its been a nightmare.

I had a contract with Vodafone, which expired after the 18 month period. I didn't renew as the offers you had for me were quite frankly terrible for a loyal customer.

So i went with a new provider and changed my number. I didn't know i then had to give another 30 days notice to you after a contract had finished....absolute rip off didn't know i then had a £12 payment to make, as i couldn't log into the app without a notification to a Vodafone number i no longer had access to. This £12 then went to a collection agency....for £12 when if you had contacted me i would have paid it as its £12 for gods now i paid this collection agency 4 months ago, but my credit still report says i'm 5 months late. I bought a new house and had a mortgage in place prior to this absolute fiasco. But as this was on my credit report, they changed my fixed rate so i now have to pay an extra £113 per month for 2 years. So a £12 so called debt has now cost me £2, say i'm still disgusted and fuming is an can you give me the details of someone to update my credit report as you are still seriously still affecting my credit score



Hi @Ryan1369 Sorry to hear the trouble you're facing with this. You can raise a Credit File Dispute via the form found here. Or pop over a message to our Social Media Team via the information found here and we'll get things looked into with you. 

Hi Lucy

Thanks for getting back to me so soon.

I shall get this filled out