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Outrageous Customer Service

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I am writing to complain in the strongest possible terms for the total lack of Customer service and what appears to be deliberate obstacles and confusion around how your treat your Customers.


I have been a Vodafone Customer for over 20 years and telephoned to arrange a simple upgrade to one of the Phones on Contract with you. Your team member made it so difficult in not understanding my simple request; namely, wish to upgrade the phone keeping it on the same package as it is currently on. What could be simpler?


Instead of arranging this I was confused by technical jargon, my request seemed to be twisted with YOUR firms terminology and words being put in my mouth. I was placed on hold so your person could “Speak with a Manager” being held on hold for 25 minutes or more, then for someone completely different to come on the phone and I have to start all over again to end up at the same point.


Given the fact the Contract on the number in question is due to expire on the 4/3/2022 I decided that I would not renew or upgrade and simply switch to an alternative supplier. I was advised I could not do this without charges !! When I asked how can there be charges when the Contract has expired the answer came back “That’s just the way it is!”


A colleague telephoned Vodafone using 0808 005 7382 to be told by one of your representative that I should phone this number and simply ask for a PAC code, advise them what I wished to do and there is no charge and it will be done. I telephone this number and was straight back to where I was on Monday, causing me to lose it with your staff member. I suffer with high blood pressure and dealing with your systems and procedures that seem to be designed to cause maximum grief to your Customers caused me to hyperventilate and have to pass the phone over to my partner to try and talk sense.


Having been told by this person that se could not take notes on the system, could not put me through to a manager, could not sanction my request I was stranded, High and dry..quite disgusting way of conducting yourself.


Finally, after nearly an hour in total today… I think she realised I was on the verge of completely losing it and she then 1) Took notes 2) E mailed and messaged the PAC code. I can only assume it is YOU Vodafone, that instruct your staff NOT TO take cancelations easily and try and cause maximum hassle so that hopefully the Customer will give up and stay with you.


Quite how the Policy makers at Vodafone sleep at night is beyond me.


If I could be bothered I would take this up with the Ombudsman, inform BBC Rip off Britain as well as my MP but I think the best course of action is to switch supplier and in a years’ time when my own phone comes up for renewal switch that as well (although the prospect fills me with dread) have lost a 20+ years Customer and do not appear to give a damn.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @Peteclem 


I don't work for Vodafone but I do know that when you take a new Evo contract, you will be put onto one of the latest Xtra plans, you can't continue on the same tariff but you should have been put on one closest to it.  Vodafone make this clear on the Evo link and you can even choose the Xtra plan for yourself here: Evo 


It sounds like you need to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about and can answer your questions. If you would like to speak to the Social Team, they can be contacted by following the information on this link Contact Us 

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I firmly believe the agents for Vodafone work off a script that is designed to get people so fed up with the evasive responses, long delays on hold and appearing to be obtuse about the question that many people just give up and roll into the next term for the COntract... I however, have finally managed to secure the PUC code, agreed that i will not renew, or upgrade and when the next phone comes up for upgrade (next year) will do the smae again.People like Vodafone should understand the meaning of the word Customer service ! as I said perviously, i have been with VOdafone for 20+ years with multiple hand sets against the accounts but will not be treated like this.

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I actually asked more or less the same question....but their policies mean that people will always put people off joining them...I would go back in time and warn the past me..about how they could give u a sim so small, after a while, it becomes undetectable, so u have to have a key or be ready to restart your handset, I changed the sim, as compensation, I was offered a Costa coffee voucher! & £35 off my next bill....not refund for knocking out my calls,texts and WiFi(had to re-enter the pin), and mobile data, and my music meaning my phone became a calendar of sorts, this is after, going out in the cold to change the sim I  the 1st place..then when I tell them what time it is..they make me wanna go find the nearest 02 or 3 store