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Phone Damaged Whilst With Vodafone

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Good afternoon, 

Does anyone know how to escalate an issue beyond customer services? My phone had a software fault, was taken to the store as requested by customer services checked over and sent to the repair center for a suspected software fault. 

A few days later I was called by the repair team saying they can't fix the phone under warranty due to a cracked screen, however the screen was not cracked when the phone was taken by the store. 

After hours speaking to customer services and the repair center (and the phone being returned to me with a cracked screen) I was advised to get the condition report from the store when they took the phone and sure enough there is no mention of the cracked screen reported by the repair team. 

In have sent this to Vodafone customer care, they have since called me saying I have to pay for the repair to the screen (and this is before the repair team even look at the software fault). 

I was offered a £5 Morrisons voucher as compensation, then a £50 credit against the cost of the screen repair. (Screen repair is £140) But there is nothing else they can do. 

I'm not sure what the next steps are, my phone has been damaged at some point whilst in the care of Vodafone yet I am told I have to pay to repair it before their team will even check the fault it was sent to them for under warranty. 

Short of taking them to the small claims court for the damage caused whist my phone was in their possession I am out of ideas? 



Hi Robyn

My phone is still with the repair company, I need to ring the complaints Number when I get out of the interview I am currently at. I did ring them Vodafone before but they kept me on hold for 1 hour and 5 minutes just to end up giving me an alternative number to ring. I honestly am losing the faith in a company I have championed for the last 12 years, so much so I have four contracts and two new phones totalling £2000. Every time I ring I have to go through the same scenario. I have spent countless hours on the phone, visited the Vodafone shop twice, it really is a nightmare where they will not accept that I dropped it into them in perfect condition


I don't really want to take the phone back from Vodafone because it is now clearly damaged. If I send it back to the manufacturer they will not entertain it as the screen has now been damaged. The repair shop told me one dent on the screen, but now there is two. I have lost all faith at the moment. I have now raised a complaint with customer care and they have raised a case. Not sure what else I can do 🙄