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Vodafone's mistake trashed my credit rating from excellent to poor

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I was very excited to join Vodafone when they assured me that for a small fee my Apple Watch Ultra would be connected as soon as my account went live. Unfortunately, this was not the case and after weeks of escalating the issue and hours of calling Vodafone's support for which most of it was spent on hold, and being passed to numerous other departments within Vodafone trying to get my watch connected on cellular connection, numerous promised deadline dates passed and still no connection.

I became fed up and frustrated and requested cancellation of both my Apple watch and iPhone accounts as I was continued to be billed for a watch connection that I never had connected successfully.

I was then told in July '23 that I could not cancel and had to give 30 days notice which meant that I had to pay a further month subscription for a connection I still did not have.

I opted to start a new contract with a rival company who asked me to call their support line once my phone had gone live. I did this and they connected my watch with a cellular connection within 3 mins of my call. This, I thought would be the end of Vodafone once I had settled my final bill with them which was taken automatically by direct debit. Once I had made my final payment I cancelled my direct debit as advised. It was then a shock when I received a letter from a debt collection agency informing me that I owe money to Vodafone that I have not paid, and if I do not pay within the time period stated I may face court action. I was also informed that this would impact my credit score, which I'm proud to say have always been excellent.

I immediately contacted Vodafone and asked two questions. 1. Why was I not informed by them, either by text, email or telephone call, that I owe them money and that the first time I became aware of this was via said threatening letter from a debt collection agency? 2. Why was my phone and watch subscription still live when I had followed procedure in requesting cancellation of both?

Vodafone could not answer my first question or indeed give any reason as to why I did not receive notification of money owed. Vodafone did say, however, that there was an error in their system and that my account was not cancelled as requested. They confirmed that this was not my fault but theirs and to ignore any further debt collection agency letters.

From July to November '23, I have continued to receive debt collection letters now threatening that court action, and believe it or not, DISCONNECTION, may now be imminent due to monies allegedly owed.

During the time from July to November '23, I contacted Vodafone numerous times as I was uncomfortable ignoring debt collection letters. I spent literally hours on hold and trying to explain from the beginning on every occasion why I was calling, not to mention having to pass security when on each call I was passed from department to department, on one occasion six times over a two hour period.

Situation now, November 10th '23, I have spent my final 2hrs 20mins being on hold and trying to explain to five departments (I think I spoke to one department 3 times) whilst having to pass security with each one and also being on hold so they could all read my notes from July to present day.

I have still not been able to resolve and again when I asked to speak to a manager, I was on hold for 20 mins while they tried to locate one without success. I literally had to demand, after asking numerous times, which organisation regulates Vodafone. I was then told this was OfCom.

I am now contacting OfCom and a solicitor to take on both Vodafone and the collection agency as I'm now concerned of the legal ramifications for ignoring debt collection letters any further. I have now been informed that Vodafone actuality owed me money and this kept my account open which bizarrely as a negative affect on my credit score. My credit score is now trashed and the one negative impact on my credit score is an alleged outstanding Vodafone account.

I am at a lost with what to do next except go to OfCom and solicitor.

I am told on each call that calls are recorded footer training and monitoring purposes. I don't know who listens to these calls, or if anyone does at all, as nothing seems to improve with Vodafone.

That's my story and my situating to date - still unresolved. I would be interested to know how many other valued customers this had happened to as I am sure I'm not alone. I feel I have been punished for never missing a payment, following the rules and ultimately, dare I request, to leave Vodafone. I am now haunted by the song, 'Hotel California' by the Eagles, as this describes another company that you could check in but never leave.



Hi @MichaelMorris 👋 Thanks for taking the time to explain the situation regarding your account and how this has impacted your credit file. I sincerely apologise if any mistakes have been made by ourselves which have resulted in negative changes to your credit file. We don't unfortunately have access to accounts over this forum, can I please ask if possible that you contact the social team via the details in this link, we will be able to review your account and liaise with our credit file team to correct any mistakes. We can also help in raising a complaint as I can see you mentioned you have raised this with Ofcom. When contacting us please just include a link to this conversation, this will mean you won't need to explain the situation again.

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Hi and thank you for your reply. I do not own any social media accounts so my wife has reached out and been advised for me to call a number to try and resolve this. Surprisingly the number is the same number I have been calling since July this year and I am not prepared to call it again just to get the same frustration that caused me to post here in the first place!! Clearly my only option available to me is indeed Ofcom. 
I am so shocked that even reaching out on this forum I am met with the same frustration!!!

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I am currently out of the country until Tuesday 21 November 2023. I will continue my dispute with Ofcom on my return. I have however managed to raise a dispute through TransUnion for which Vodafone will be contacted by them. 
please tell me why, when you have admitted this issue is your mistake and that you actually owed me money, does my credit report show missed payments with Vodafone? My credit report is still diminishing showing the Vodafone payment history as the ONLY negative on my full credit report to which Vodafone have admitted it is their fault and not mine!!! 
Vodafone has done nothing but ask me to call the same number I have been calling multiple times since July. This is outrageous that an organisation can do this to a customer who has always paid on time!!!

 Please if anyone reads this please do not sign up with Vodafone, trust me!

@MichaelMorris I can understand your frustration that this hasn't been resolved. Over this forum we do not have account access, so I would be unable to answer the questions you've raised above without being able to view your account. Has this been escalated within the teams you have spoken to previously? If it hasn't, I would advise to ask for your issue to be escalated due to the time this has been ongoing, so that we can work to find a resolution.

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Andy, thank you for your reply. Yes this has apparently been escalated at my request over five times now. The last call I made this month (November) I was promised a complaint team would look into this and get in touch with me within five days. That was eight days ago so I have stopped holding my breath!! I must have made calls entering double figures now over five months and still nothing has been done to resolve what seems to be a simple resolution, neither has anyone at all got in touch with me as promised! This is disgusting treatment, as damage to my credit score at the single negative marker from Vodafone  is damaging my financial well being not to mention my mental well being. There seems to be no other route than Ofcom and a legal challenge for compensation. Clearly what you advise on this forum to contact customer care has no effect at all on action as I have been calling them since July with no promises by Vodafone kept. As this is an advice forum you must be advising me to do what I have suggested is my only viable option right? And please don’t say, try calling customer care or complaints again!!!

Hi @MichaelMorris,

I understand and this is not the experience we want our customers to have. As @Andy  has mentioned, the forum is a space for general advice and general queries, we're unable to access accounts here. Were you given your reference number for the complaint registered? If so, although you have waited longer than expected to hear back, you can also use this reference number with any customer service agent to check for any updates and to further contact your case handler. 

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Dealing with an old issue myself, similar to this. Absolutely disgusted. Loyal customer without issues. Prices go up at the end of my contract so I call to say I'm giving my 30 days notice as. No cancellation fees mentioned, even wanted to stay but they couldn't offer me a a rival deal. Long story short, i find out I have a default on my credit score along with missed payments Nearly a year later! On the phone everyone seemed great when i complained about what had happened. Got told I owed nothing! End of story........... no! My credit report is plagued by this even though It's been agreed I owe nothing. Absolutely disgusting!

Sorry to hear this as I know how frustrating it is. Thankfully I have now managed to restore my credit score and wipe Vodafone out of my life. That said they promised someone would call me to offer me compensation. This has never happened (not surprised) Another false promise, another lie which I have now gotten used to from Vodafone. Just pleased they are out of my life for good! I can honestly say Vodafone is the worse provider out there by far and their customer support does not exist!!!!!

i wish you luck, sir…………

You wouldn't believe it would be possible to do what they do. It has a massive impact on your life. Likewise, Once I'm done I will never be going back. Truly disgusting.  I have found PLUSNET to be a better choice over many. I moved out of a house and had to cancel early (fully expecting to pay the fees) but PLUSNET were very accommodating over the situation. Felt like I was dealing with humans and PLUSNET didn't charge a penny (and they should have). The simple lesson - DO NOT USE VODAFONE.