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Missed payments on credit file

Hi i am looking for contact details for the vodafone credit team. I had a mobile phone contract opened in 2013 with vodafone which was cancelled at end of contract and hasnt been in use for several years. It appears to still be opened on my credit fi...

Kimmcc92 by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone is ruining my Credit Score!

Hi, I need to get in touch with their accounts department, I have tried their customer service number but everytime I tried I have been pushed from pillar to post and then when I finally spoke with someone I was promised to have a member of their ded...

rezashah by 2: Seeker
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Choice number

Hi all, I was just wondering will it be possible to get a new number of my choice, it is a simple number but just would like to have it???Thank you 

afghan by 3: Seeker
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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has actually managed to get a refund off of Vodafone for issues caused by their disastrous system? My sim ended up locked and useless when I had the audacity to try and leave Vodafone! For 3 months I was consistently promi...

WiFi Calling on Xperia L4

WiFi Calling is not available to select from the Vodafone menu.It is setup on my account.Xperia L4 is on the list of devices.

Dunkster by 2: Seeker
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DPD Collection/Return

Hello, Someone in the returns department has arranged for DPD to collect a tablet I am returning on Monday. I've been told that I don't need to put any address details etc on the package as the DPD driver will have a label with all the necessary deta...

CJP89 by 2: Seeker
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Default account on credit file

I have a default account on my credit report from Vodafone. I do not recognize this account and I have never had an account or purchased any service from Vodafone. the account is under my name and the opening date is 04.02.2016. last time I tried to ...

azelguy by 3: Seeker
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Multiple sim, one number

I'm looking for a way of having one number across 2 phones, preferably without having to move the Sim across.Why would I want to do this? I have a phone which is basic, but light and compact so it fits comfortably in a shirt pocket - useful when out ...

Missed call

A mobile number rang me to say they had received a missed call, and I hadn’t rung them, this has happened twice in the last 2 weeks

LL50 by 2: Seeker
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