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Applewatch and Onenumber connectivity

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So, I took the plunge and purchased an Applewatch Ultra 2 from Vodafone, local store set me up with a new Onenumber plan (with a different phone number?). Told me to wait 24 hours for my Watch was available to use on Celllular. Was told I didn't need to do anything.

New eSIM downloaded to my phone automatically, nothing happening on my Watch. 3 day over 1.5 hours with 191 getting moved around, nobody seemed to know where to transfer me or what to do. Utterly useless.

Day 4 another 1.5 hours on the phone, after trying a few technical things (re-start of watch, SIM out of phone etc) I was they would try a disconnection/re-connection). However that wouldn't happen for another couple of days. Contacting Vodafone on twitter, said some soothing words but no real progress. 

Yesterday, somebody was meant to call me to arrange disconnection/re-connection. No call, twitter support said they would carry this out. Message this morning, all completed.....but still no connection on my Watch.

Ive now tried to add a connection via the watch app and Onenumber, added a subscription with the plan associated with the eSIM. Now I think Ive added an extra subscription and will get charged extra.

Pulling my hair out now, no idea what to real help from Vodafone. Im now considering returning the watch and cancelling my eSIM contract. Should have looked on these forums beforehand seeing the number of issues with this all over the place.

Can anybody help? Ive been with Vodafone for 25 years and never experience customer service as horrific as this.


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UPDATE: Contacted today. Offered compensation which I accepted, One number plan cancelled and Watch being returned next week.

My advice, do not buy an Applewatch Ultra or Ultra 2 on Vodafone if you expect to connect it to a One number subscription. There is a very good chance this won't work. The support you will receive is detailed on this thread.

Thanks for watching.

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Another 2 days later, no escalation to Level 2 support. A new advisor came on via twitter yesterday (after the obligatory 24hr wait) to tell me they are keeping an eye on the situation (thanks). Told today the order was complete (like it was on the 31/12) and I have to try and re-pair my phone AGAIN. I am begging these people to put me through to somebody who can solve the problem but I'm just going through the exact same processes again and again and again.

Im now back at work after spending every single day of my Christmas holidays speaking to somebody from Vodafone and no further forward.

Can anybody on here help me? Where is the mythical 2nd Level technical support department? Do I have any other option than to take everything back, cancel and claim some sort of damages for all the ##~## I'm having to deal with?

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

You won’t get any help here. You will just have to persevere with 191 while the social team watch from a distance.

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And now after re-pairing my Watch again it is no different and my issue is AGAIN being escalated to some mythical back office team. Im assuming this is the same team that had the escalation nearly 10 days ago. No explanation of the problem, no timeline to get it sorted, no one willing or able to call me and explain. Just empty apologies and further delays.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Thomostash - thanks for the update on what’s happening. This isn’t the journey we expect for any of our customers. I’ve found the conversation you’ve had with us on our Social Channel. I’m not able to discuss this here for security reasons, although one of the team will be back in touch with you when we’ve an update.

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UPDATE: 5 days later and still no further forward.

Escalated to the back office team on the 2/1. Told I would be contacted on the 5th, I had to initiate contact on the 5th, then advised by Social channel that it could take until the 7th for the issue to be RESOLVED and that I would be contacted. Starting to feel a bit of confidence it might be sorted......

Again I initiated contact today ay 17:00 after receiving no update, now I'm being told the technical team are working on it and have just been supplied with details of steps already taken so they don't duplicate these steps......this information is being shared 5 days later.

Now I have to wait until the 9th for my next update. For a multi billion pound company this is utterly shameful.


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UPDATE: So after all this I have now been told they cannot find any problems and to ring 191 to talk to the technical team or visit my local shop to look at a potential REPAIR (to my brand new watch) or replacement of my device.

No process to get them to ring me, just bombed off to fend for myself after nearly 4 weeks of constant messages and phone calls.

Thank you


Our team has completed background checks on the account and there seems to be no error here so they have ruled out that it could be a device issue itself. I'd request you to please speak with the Technical team over call on 191 so they can look into replacement or repair option for your Apple watch.

Utterly disgraceful customer service. Not even an offer of compensation.

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UPDATE: So after speaking with the technical team I will now have my number disconnected and reconnected again. This means no Phone cellular for unto 48 hrs. The guy seems quite confident so hopefully this will sort the issue out.


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UPDATE: Wasn't sure whether to even bother with this update as it all getting a bit surreal now.

Call back from the Technical guy on the 10th, still a delay in getting the order completed. My phone has worked fine during this time, no disconnection as I was advised with the cancelling of the phone contract. Not really sure what's happening.

Get another phone call from a separate customer service guy yesterday, very apologetic 'we'll get this sorted' type of conversation. He then informs me my One number will be disconnected. I tell him about the tech support guy, and about the phone disconnection. He goes away to speak to the guy in question as he knows him. Comes back to me and says they can sort it without the phone disconnection. I am then told I will have to contact the sales department myself again to subscribe to a new One number. I have a bit of a meltdown at this point....

I'm told by customer service guys the One number disconnection still hasn't completed, it should be sorted in the next couple of hours. He will then put me through to sales to add my new connection before applying the discounts I had after this is carried out. Worst case scenario is he will ring me back todays (12th) to finish off.....worst case scenario. Needless to say this wasn't the worst case scenario.

Called today by the Original tech support guy who I spoke to on the 9th. He informs me he is calling to start my phone disconnection, Eh?? I tell him about my call the previous day, he consults the case notes.......I'm then informed he needs to make some enquiries and will call me back on Monday afternoon.

Monday will be a week since the latest escalation. Im still unsure as to exactly what the next steps are.

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UPDATE:  Had a couple of emails about my cancelled One number contract (at last). Customer service guy who called me on friday rang me again to confirm the disconnection and put me through (again) to the sales department to create another one number subscription. Another 30 mins on the phone and all is complete, I just need to wait for a phone call on the 15th where the actual connection of the One number to my Applewatch would be handled separately. 

Multiple texts and an email yesterday, one txt from Vodafone customer service advisor informing me he was working on my issue and would call today (17th) between 12-4pm. I am now back at work (I work shifts) so this is far from ideal but at this point what other options do I have. I also received separate texts from Vodafone about my added discount (I assume manually added by above mentioned customer service advisor). Email was about how to set up my new ESIM.......

So today (17th) I receive another email from Vodafone telling me that as Ive recently deleted my mobile plan I 'll no longer be able to use my mobile device with my One number. Now as far as I am aware I haven't cancelled my mobile plan and my phone is currently working. But not too worry, I will be getting a call today to sort it all out.....

No call, no message so far and still no cellular on my Applewatch.

8 days after my escalation to technical support (who told me it could be sorted max 48hrs) and now 32 DAYS after the purchase of my Apple watch.

Of those 32 days I have been in touch with Vodafone on 25. I would guess I have spent around 8-10 hours on the phone.

AND STILL NO END IN SIGHT. If any forum moderators or employees of Vodafone can give me any help at all please give me a shout.


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No phone call today. No message to inform me on what's going on. Contacted the social team to be told they couldn't read the notes of the advisors actions today and then asked to describe the problem to see if they could help to get me connected.

Im beyond sick now, now I have to watch my phone all day scared I might miss the only call I get off Vodafone.....and the possibility of having to repeat my security questions and explain my problem for the 20th time. Worst is nearly all the people I speak to are polite and courteous despite my evident frustration....but the whole process is totally flawed.

F**k you Vodafone.