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Lumia 1020 won't switch network when roaming

4: Newbie

My Lumia 1020 will not pick up a new network when I cross borders in Europe. I regularly travel by car between France, Belgium and Holland for business. Every time I cross the border I get no service. I have to switch my phone off and back on again to get a signal. Then it picks up the network of the country I am in. This is quite a hassle as I stay in a hotel in Belgium but the office is over the border in Holland so I get this twice a day when travelling to and from the office when on a business trip.


This is the first phone I have ever had that does this. All the other phones I have roamed with, including my old Lumia 800 automatically picked up the new network when I crossed borders. Network selection is set to automatic. Is this a "feature" of the Lumia 1020 or is something not working correctly?

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Hi @Milzee 


It should automatically switch to another network when you move between countries.


Are you able to manually select a different network yourself by manual roaming





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4: Newbie

Hi Phil


Yes I can manually select a network. Also if I switch off and switch back on again it automatically picks up a new network. It just wont automatically pick up a new netwrok if just left switched on.





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